Three Days in May

I got my new Phantom 3 aerial camera on Tuesday and crashed it on Thursday. In between, I took some videos flying near my house as I learned how to operate this new device. It is an amazing feeling flying the Phantom 3. It is steady even in a breeze and moves like it's on rails. And you get to see what the camera sees in real time HD. I was being cautious so I started out in Beginner mode which limits the horizontal and vertical travel to 30 meters.

On Thursday I tried flying away from my house, but it seemed to be acting strangely and I decided to land right away. I forgot about the 30 meter limit, which is why it was acting strangely, and also that I was not near the Home (takeoff) position. So when I pressed Return to Home to land, it flew straight up into a tree and then fell down to the street. I learned the hard way that Return to Home means fly 20 meters up, then across until it's over the Home position and then down to the ground where the flight started. If there is anything in the way, like a building or a tree, then it will fly right into it. Unfortunately, I can't blame this on solar storms or Klingons shooting me down. Hopefully this lesson won't cost me too much. And no, I didn't record the crash.

Uploaded on May 17, 2015